Space Explorer Atlas Richard Platt


Published: September 15th 1999


32 pages


Space Explorer Atlas  by  Richard Platt

Space Explorer Atlas by Richard Platt
September 15th 1999 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 32 pages | ISBN: | 5.16 Mb

(1953–)Richard Platt is the author of more than sixty informative books for young readers, and he also writes for innovative multimedia projects. Some of his most popular works have been collaborations with illustrator Stephen Biesty on the Cross-Sections series. After a failed attempt to forge a career as a photographer, Platt discovered that he had a knack for writing. I started writing about photography: first magazine articles, then books, he explained on the Walker Books Web site.

I got a job editing childrens books, then went on to write them.In the 1990s, Platt teamed up with popular juvenile illustrator Biesty for several books, beginning with Stephen Biestys Incredible Cross-Sections Book, published in 1992. The following year, a second volume in the series, Stephen Biestys Cross-Sections Man-of-War, proved equally interesting for late-elementary-age readers, especially those enchanted by seventeenth-century battleships.

Alongside Biestys cutaway illustrations, Platt provides explanatory text that indicates the purpose and activities in each section of the ship. The hardships of life aboard such vessels for their often 800-member crews are not overlooked, either, and the drawings depict food rations crawling with maggots and a doctors pail containing severed limbs.

Ellen Mandel, writing for Booklist, asserted that Platts intriguing text serves to make this meticulously presented book a treasure of factual content and visual imagery.For Stephen Biestys Incredible Everything, Platt provides informative paragraphs to accompany the illustrations for many everyday products, such as athletic shoes and compact discs. Much of the text revolves around the manufacturing process.

Stephen Biestys Incredible Body is a lesson in human anatomy, with sections on each of the bodys systems and several major organs- the digestive system alone takes up four pages. Platt has also worked with the illustrator on Stephen Biestys Cross-Sections Castle and Stephen Biestys Incredible Explosions.Working with publisher Dorling Kindersley, Platt has authored several titles in their Eyewitness series, some of which have appeared in the United States under the Knopf/Borzoi imprint.

Pirate details the world of corsairs, privateers, and crime on the high seas throughout history. A reviewer for Science Books and Films, Richard B. Woodbury, praised the work as a veritable miniencyclopedia or minimuseum and a pleasure to look at. Spy chronicles the history of espionage and the decisive role intelligence-gathering triumphs have played in history. Of particular emphasis are the code-breaking endeavors by Allied intelligence networks during World War II.

Shipwreck, also part of the Eyewitness series, investigates famous sea disasters and rescues. Like the other books in the popular series, Shipwreck is lavishly illustrated. Chris Stephenson, writing in School Librarian, called it an excellent source of historical evidence and nautical information.Platt has also written several books about inventions. His The Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions, which appeared in 1994, won praise from reviewers for its comprehensiveness.

Platt divides the development of technology throughout the ages into five sections, including agriculture, conquest, and communication. The timeline begins at 600,000 BCE, around the time humans likely began using fire, and includes predictions for innovations that may occur in the near future. Cathryn A. Camper, reviewing The Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions for School Library Journal, praised Platts skilled use of illustration and text, which the critic felt teaches a sophisticated form of literacy similar to that provided with multimedia learning tools—an area in which Platt already had a great deal of writing experience.

Readers will delight in the colorful pictures and the text, which gives just enough information to satisfy curiosity, opined Voice of Youth Advo

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