77 Secrets of Love Alexandra Fox


Published: April 1st 2010


203 pages


77 Secrets of Love  by  Alexandra Fox

77 Secrets of Love by Alexandra Fox
April 1st 2010 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 203 pages | ISBN: | 5.69 Mb

Youre About to Get Inside a Mans Mind, Figure Him Out Completely and Know Exactly What to Do to Make Him Love You ...Youre about to learn the biggest secrets 96% of women never learn in their lifetime to instantly attract a man, inspire hisMoreYoure About to Get Inside a Mans Mind, Figure Him Out Completely and Know Exactly What to Do to Make Him Love You ...Youre about to learn the biggest secrets 96% of women never learn in their lifetime to instantly attract a man, inspire his love, and make him love you for the rest of your life.These 77 secrets are your friends, your tools and your strategies to influence men, impact on men and change men.

Study them, use them and apply them. Practice, practice, practice, until youve become so good at what you are doing that within 10 minutes of meeting a guy youve already come up with a detailed mental plan to lead him from the first date to the altar. Its 100% possible! Ive done it- many of my readers have done it- now, you can too.

Are you ready for the first secret?ScrollSecret 1: Love Fare Is War FareOut of all the things in the world, a woman has the most at stake in the battle of love: her time, her reproductive resources, her life and her happiness.

A woman can be the most successful CEO, but if her love life is a mess, she will always be disappointed. During a recent survey, more than 75% of the female executives on Wall Street claimed they would be willing to ditch their high-powered career for the man of their dreams.This points to the fact that love fare is the one battle a woman cannot afford to lose. In ancient times, when a woman lost her man to another female, she would face extinction.

She needed a strong hunter to provide food and resources to survive. Things are not as deadly serious in the modern world. But if you want to completely succeed and make it in todays world, your love life needs to be handled – and handled well.Understanding how to get a competitive advantage in the battle of love is not about playing games, tricking men, or misleading anyone. It is about winning and winning for your own sake, your own happiness and your own quality of life.

It is about refusing to be the sad woman who, at the end of the day, says that she was unlucky in love. There are no unlucky women in love, only lazy women who refuse to spend the time learning what really works. The whole purpose of Secret 1 is for you to understand the importance of learning how attraction works. I want you to take it seriously and start taking responsibility for your own happiness. Luck and success follow those who take responsibility and who never blame their circumstances.Secret 2: Clear Purpose Attracts MenWhen you are 100% clear about what you want in life, amazing things start to happen: success, happiness, good fortune, high-quality men, just to name a few.

Being laser-beam clear about your goals, what your life purpose is and what your place is in this world will create the magic to transform your dream into reality.To prove my point, I want you to do a simple exercise. Think back to a time in your life when you were confused about what you wanted at that particular moment. What happened? Did you like the end result? Did you feel that you could have done so much better? Did you witness how things went from bad to worse because it all started with a vague, confused, non-defined purpose?I used to have never-ending bad luck with men.

Sometimes I even wondered: how this could happen to me. If I had bad luck once, shouldnt my good luck be waiting around the corner? Unfortunately, I witnessed how my bad luck turned into worse luck because I wasnt clear about what I wanted. I allowed myself to get involved and stepped into the role that the man at the time wanted me to play.When you are not clear about what you want, you become the supporting character in someone elses life. Your life is about you, your vision and your life goal. Clarity attracts the type of man you want. When youre crystal clear about how you envisage your love life to be, you send out a magical invitation to the perfect man to join your life.Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful book that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:3 common sources of all your dating/relationship problems (pages 11-16)The female instincts that can enslave you (pages 27-28)How to manage anxiety and insecurity in dating and relationships (Secret 11)Understanding male instincts – you cant afford to miss this one!

(Chapter 8)How to date with the end result in mind, and refuse to allow negative emotions to distract you from the correct path (Pages 63-69)How to manage your emotions and why a man is so attracted to a woman who has the ability to do so (Chapter 3)The single most important quality that a good man looks for in his life partner and how you can cultivate this quality (Secret 23)How to Play Hard to Get - The Smart Way (Secret 43)Fatal mistakes a woman makes that kill the mans attraction (Pages 39-41)How men decide with which woman to fall in lust and which woman to fall in love.

They DO NOT want you to know this! (Secret 45)How to make a man fall in love, no matter how hard he resists (Chapter 11)Top secrets legendary seductresses have used to land powerful men (Secret 51 - Secret 57)How to use phone calls, emails, and text messages to increase your allure (Pages 114 - 116)How to assess a mans Relationship Potential (Secret 29)3 qualities that your true prince must have (Pages 73-75)7 types of toxic men you must get away from (Pages 76-85)How to stay in a mans life forever and make him never want to leave you (Chapter 6)What do the naturals do to get the men (Pages 88-89)Everything you need to know about male psychology (Pages 91-103)How to make a guy notice you - its NOT what you think it is (Secret 47)How to get a guy to ask you out (Pages 103-104)How to avoid the mistakes 95% of women make when they call guys - this is the real reason that men dont call back (Chapter 10)How to use text messages to deepen attraction (Pages 115-116)How to use emails to deepen attraction (Page 116)How to assess a mans attachment styles and use that knowledge to seal the deal (Chapter 11)How to use sexual tension to your advantage, while still being classy (Pages 121-122)How to use online dating to keep your options open (Secret 64)How to bypass a mans resistance to emotional bonding (Pages 132-133)How to be less available and MORE desirable (Secret 53-Secret 56)How to correctly identify your emotions and understand how they affect you (Page 55)How to get under a mans skin and truly understand him (Secret 23)The three physical features that instantly attract men and how you can play up those features (Secret 47 - Secret 49)How to make a man feel more desire and respect towards you (Page 108)How to use the promise of sex rather than actual sex to generate intense interest (Secret 57)Characteristics that Naturally Attract Men (Bonus Report 1)How to deal with the emotionally unavailable man (Bonus Report 2)How to be a sensual woman and fire up his world (Bonus Report 3)And much, much more!

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